Ode to the Amoeba

I posted this poem to the web page in 1998.  It was given to me by an older life science teacher.  He does not know the source of this poem even though he had it for many years.  If you know the exact source of this poem, please send me an email so I can post it and give proper credit.  Posting this poem to the web site does not mean that I am claiming ownership of this piece of work.  It is posted because I feel that it has educational value.   - Liz Belasic owner of middleschoolscience.com

Wriggle, wriggle little cell
How I wonder what's in your gel
May you wriggle all the time
In an undulating rhyme
Tell me are your ambulations
Strictly subject to calculations
How can you tell your head from your feet
When you know quite well both ends will meet
Lowest of all the teeming creatures
About you I see no redeeming features
With this remark the Amoeba made a reply
When he winked with his embryonic eye
A vacuole burst when he shook his head
And this is what the Amoeba said,
"Now listen friend this may be hard to believe
But I am the father of Adam and Eve
Wise King Solomon and all his wives
Owe to me their precious lives
Brutus, Caesar, and the Queen of Sheba
All have descended from this lowly Amoeba
So hear me friend we are all brothers
Though some folks show it  more than others!"

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