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Odds and Ends

  • Science Alphabet Border : (Word Doc) Print and paste onto construction paper to create a great border and to reinforce vocabulary.

  • Countertop Chemistry: A great resource of demonstrations and labs using inexpensive everyday items.

Famous Scientists/ Scientific Method

The Metric System

  • Class Notes: Metric System (PDF)
  • Smile Metric Style : Measure your Lab Partner's Smile in cm - Who has the largest smile? Smallest smile?( Modified from the original source)
  • Let's Grow Metric:  Students will take metric measurements of themselves in Sept and again in June.
  • Metric Estimation Game: Played like the Price is Right, great for the kids to practice the metric system, makes it more concrete.
  • Metric Mania - Lessons and Links at Sciencesopt.net
  • Statistics : n, sum, avg, max, min & range. 


  • Measure it!  Interactive game from FunBrain.com  Easy, Medium, and Hard difficulty levels.

Bar Graphs & Line Graphs

  • Learning How to Graph Correctly Lab : What days are the busiest in the Maternity Ward? Collect class data on Birthdays. Make a Bar Graph to represent what day of the week had the most births. Make a Line Graph to represent what numerical day of the  month had the most births.    TOP

Surface Tension

  • "Sinkin' Lincoln Lab": How many drops of water can a penny hold?

Matter : Classifying, Properties, Phases,

Periodic Table



General Chemistry


  • Internet Research : Women in Science 
  • Lewis Structure Practice Worksheet (PDF)
  • Rainbow Lab : Practice mixing chemicals! 
  • Chromatography Lab: Separate the pigments found in markers and calculate the RF value.

Atomic Models, Particles,  Elements, Compounds, Formulas  Bonding

  • Element Project: Adopt an Element (PDF)- students will research and create an advertising poster for their element. Thanks to www.sciencespot.net!
  • The Atoms Family- a fun activity to sing along to!  Created by Sciencespot.net
  • Making Molecular Models Lab : Practice Covalent & Ionic Bonding.
  • Bond with a Classmate Activity: Learn how to make and name binary compounds. (PDF)
  • Radioactive Decay and Half Life Lab - Students will simulate and graph radioactive decay. 

Acids, Bases,

& pH

  • pH scale group activity - Look for an updated version on BrainPOP.com this fall!

  • Cabbage Juice Lab - students will test various substances using cabbage juice and litmus paper as an indicator.

  • The pH factor : A great site all about pH!  Includes Lessons. 


  • Alien Juice Bar - Can you serve alien drinks with the right pH? Worksheet & Web Site

Chemical Reactions

  • Chemistry in a Bag Lab - Students will make observations of  a chemical reaction.

  • Mystery Powder Lab : Identify 5 Unknown substances based on Chemical Reactions 

  • Disease Detective - Can you find the source?

  • Demonstration - Flame Test:  I would do this as a demo instead of a lab for 6th & 7th graders.  TOP

Balancing Equations

  • Balancing Equations Activity : Hands on activity which uses index cards to balance equations.  Reinforces counting atoms and how to read formulas.

  • Balancing Equations Worksheet (PDF) by sciencespot.net




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