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Famous Scientists/ Scientific Method

The Metric System

  • Class Notes: Metric System (PDF)
  • Smile Metric Style : Measure your Lab Partner's Smile in cm - Who has the largest smile? Smallest smile?( Modified from the original source)
  • Let's Grow Metric:  Students will take metric measurements of themselves in Sept and again in June.
  • Metric Estimation Game: Played like the Price is Right, great for the kids to practice the metric system, makes it more concrete.
  • Metric Mania - Lessons and Links at Sciencesopt.net
  • Statistics : n, sum, avg, max, min & range. 


  • Measure it!  Interactive game from FunBrain.com  Easy, Medium, and Hard difficulty levels.

Bar Graphs & Line Graphs

  • Learning How to Graph Correctly Lab : What days are the busiest in the Maternity Ward? Collect class data on Birthdays. Make a Bar Graph to represent what day of the week had the most births. Make a Line Graph to represent what numerical day of the  month had the most births.    TOP

Mass & Matter
  • How to use a Triple Beam Balance Lab: Students will learn the correct way to use a triple beam balance.  Students will learn how to find the mass of known and unknown masses.

  • Making Cents Lab: What is a penny made of? How much does it weigh? Are there any differences?

  • Potato Chip Challenge: Students will design a package to mail one Pringles Potato Chip through the postal system.  Chip must arrive in ONE piece!  This activity reinforces mass and volume when designing a package and incorporates problem solving skills. Challenge Pictures 2002: NJ and Texas


  • Volume Lab of Regular and Irregular Objects:  Station Lab.  

  • Regular Objects: Place blocks of different sizes around room. Groups will rotate and measure in cm or mm sides of blocks then calculate the volume in cm3 or mm3.

  • Irregular Object Lab :  Set up paper clips, rubber stoppers, marbles, etc. End mL - Start mL = mL or cm3. 



  • Internet Lab : Interactive Density  Lab using Shockwave.  Students virtually weigh, determine volume, and calculated density of assorted shapes. 

Speed & Acceleration 

  • Take a Walk! Lab: Students will calculate and graph their walking speed.
  • Balloon Racers - Students will design a balloon powered race car.  Great activity for calculating speed and incorporating Newton's Laws.

Motion , Momentum, & Projectile Motion

Force, Friction

Forces in Fluids 


Work, Power, & Simple Machines 

Electricity & Magnetism 




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