Grasshopper Lab 

by Liz LaRosa




External Anatomy:

  1. Look for the presence of an ovipositor (female) and record the sex of your grasshopper into Table 1.
  2. Measure your grasshopper's length in cm from the most anterior point (antennae) to the most posterior (end of abdomen) then record in Table 1.
  3. Straighten the right jumping leg and measure the complete length in cm, then record in Table 1.
  4. Draw and label the head, thorax, abdomen, legs, and wings, anterior, posterior, dorsal, & ventral in Figure 1.
  5. Find the tympanum on the grasshopper.  Note the locations. Draw and label  in Figure 2.
  6. Look at the abdomen, see if you can find the spiracles on each segment.  Draw and label  in Figure 2 also.
  7. Look at the head.  Find and label the following parts : 3 simple eyes (ocelli), compound eyes, antennae, mouth parts in Figure 3.
Data: (leave a 1/2 page for each figure and table)


Table 1: Data Table of Grasshopper Information
Length of grasshopper
Length of right jumping leg
Sex of Grasshopper
(male or female)

Figure 1: External anatomy diagram of the grasshopper. Lateral View.
               Label the head, thorax, abdomen, legs, wings, anterior, posterior, dorsal, & ventral.

Figure 2: Diagram of the Grasshopper tympanum.

Figure 3: Diagram of head. Label simple eyes, compound eyes, antennae, mouth parts

Figure 4: Double Stem and Leaf of Grasshopper Body and Leg Length in cm

Table 2: Summary Data Table of Grasshopper Lengths
Grasshopper Length in cm Length of Right leg in cm
Figure 5: Stacked Box Plot of Grasshopper Body Length and Right Leg Length


    1. What is the function of the tympanum? Where is it located?
    2. Which sex has an ovipositor? What is its function?
    3. What type of mouth parts do grasshoppers have? How about Metamorphosis?
    4. Describe the function of the spiracles.  Why don't grasshoppers have gills or lungs?
    5. What was the median size in cm of our grasshoppers? Was there a wide variety in sizes? Explain.
    6. Is there a mathematical relationship between leg length and body length? Look at your Box Plot.
    7. Compare and contrast the grasshopper to the crayfish.  List 2 similarities and 2 differences.
Conclusion: 2-3 sentences on what you learned

Copyright 2000  E. S. Belasic