6th Grade Lab Notebook 

by Liz LaRosa


For our lab notebook, I  photocopy the lab sheets and place them into a 3 ring - 1/2 inch binder at the beginning of the year.  All the lab activities are in this binder and the students write their results into the lab binder.  The lab binder does not leave the classroom.

If you have a lot of students or aren't allotted enough copy paper, I would suggest making a class set and having the students write their results into their regular science notebook/binder or lined paper.  You can then re-use the binders every year.

Whenever you see the pin image on the pdf lab sheets, it means that the students have to have their work checked before they move on to the next section.  To verify that I have checked it, I stamp it with a Crayola Mini-Stamper.  The kids like to get their notebook stamped:

Lab Binder for 2003-2004 (under construction)


Lab Binder for 2002-2003 (complete book online)


Constellation Study guide  (winter 2002-03)

Element of the Day Study Guide (to be completed in spring '03)


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