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This is a collection of great web sites maintained by 5th to 9th grade science teachers across the country.  Please send me an email if you have an original website to share.


If you are a science teacher and have a blog, please

send me an email so I can list* it here!


  • MiddleSchoolScience.com:   A resource for every middle school science teacher! Lesson plans for Life Science, Physical Science, and Earth Science.

  • ScienceSpot.net:  The Science Spot is an excellent resource for educators and students. From the Science Classroom to the Kid Zone, everyone is sure to find something to make learning fun!

  • Marcia Krech's Science Teaching Ideas - Marcia is a retired middle school science teacher who is now selling complete lesson packets for Earth Science.  She also has some of her lessons and teaching ideas posted on her website. A great resource!

  • Mrs. Akers Classes: This is the site for 9th grade physical science students at Columbia Junior High in Washington state. It includes numerous labs, notes, links, teacher resources, student work samples, and plans.
  • The Science Queen: I originally created the site for my 7th & 8th grade students, but it has somehow grown into a site to help supoprt my fellow science teachers in the district. It has lessons, notes, powerpoints, webquests, and labs. It also has a professional development section I created that has links to brain based educational resources.


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