Constellation Myth Project


by Liz LaRosa





The purpose of this project is to create a poster for an original myth and an original constellation.  This grade will count as a Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts Grade.  Your myth will also be a requirement of the Greek Olympics.


Poster Requirements: Click here for a Sample Layout (pdf) and Grading Rubric (pdf)

  1. Typed report (2 sets) containing scientific requirement and myth. 1 set on the poster, 1 set to hand in.

  2. Constellation Visual- Black construction paper with holes punched out in various sizes. White or colored construction paper is placed behind the holes.  Or you can use stickers, glitter, or other craft type objects or computer programs and print out your constellation.

  3. Full Color Art Work of your constellation with stars clearly visible and incorporated into the mythological figure.  

Science Requirement: 


You will be graded on Accuracy and Clarity.  Even though this is a fictitious constellation, you should know and understand the correct terminology that is associated with star characteristics.  For example,  if you say that your constellations is seen in Summer and is located next to Orion, that would be incorrect since Orion is a Winter Constellation.


Language Arts/Social Studies Requirement:


Art Work Requirements: 


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