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Middle School Science

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7th Grade Science Notebook for 2011-12




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Intro to Life Science                                                            top

Big Ideas:

Scientists use scientific processes to study the patterns of natural events and to solve problems.

Living things must be able to obtain and use resources, grow, reproduce, and maintain stable internal conditions

Organisms can be classified into groups based on their characteristics.


The Cell                                                                           top

Big Ideas:

All organisms are composed of one or more cells.

Cells carry out important life functions including taking in nutrients and releasing materials, obtaining energy, and growing


  • Intro to the cell - history (doc) + (ppt)
  • Intro to the cell - organelles (doc) + (ppt)
  • Microscope Observations (pdf)


Genetics                                                                            top

Big Idea:

Heredity is the passage of traits from one generation to the next

DNA is the genetic material of living organisms and is located in the chromosome of each cell.


Body Organization top

Big Idea:

The human body is composed of major systems that have different functions, but all of the systems work together to maintain homeostasis.



Reproduction top

Big Idea:

Humans reproduce sexually. they have specialized organs that are responsible for reproduction.

Between fertilization and birth, many changes occur. Humans continue to grow and develop until death.



Immunology/Diseases                                                           top

Big Ideas:


Cardiovascular/Blood                                                                  top

Big Ideas:

The cardiovascular system circulates blood, gases, and nutrients through your body.

Blood transports many things through the body, including oxygen, nutrients, wastes, heat, immune system cells, and hormones.


Respiration/Excretion                                                         top

Big Ideas:

The respiratory system is responsible for taking in oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide.




Digestion                                                                      top

Big Ideas:


Skeletal/Muscular/Integumentary                                         top

Big Ideas:

The skeletal system is an organ system. The functions of the skeletal system include support, protection, movement, and the production of blood cells

The muscular system is an organ system. The skeletal and muscular systems work together to provide a  structural framework for movement.



Nervous System                   top

Big Ideas:

The human body has organ systems that respond to its internal and external environments.




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